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About Us

Lucian has over 20+ years in the pet industry. Starting from his first jobs at local pet stores, working in the veterinarian field, pet grooming and canine massage. Oh, did we also mention a professional dog walker? Lucian became a social media manager for pet businesses because the job took his two favorite passions and merged them into one amazing career.

The Bark

This is for the entrepreneur who has their social media content dialed in like a champion but doesn’t have time during the week to engage with their audience.

The Squeeker

This is for the entrepreneur who needs a boost. Your social media is consistent and growing but you may need help to elevate your profiles. 

The Dog House

This is for the entrepreneur who is ready to take social media marketing completely off their plate. This service is a one stop shop for everything social media.

The Newspaper

This is for the entrepreneur who has or wants an online newsletter and needs help promoting their monthly sales or services.

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